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Ayana Bio and Wooree Green Science Partner to Develop Plant-Cell Derived Saffron for Health & Wellness Products

Ayana Bio, the plant cell technology company dedicated to creating sustainable bioactives for consumer products, today announced a seven-figure joint development agreement with Wooree Green Science, a subsidiary of Wooree Bio, to develop plant cell-derived saffron and other important bioactive ingredients for health and wellness products for distribution in the South Korean market.

Arcaea Launches its First Consumer Brand in Fragrances

Arcaea launches Future Society, its first consumer brand resurrecting fragrances from extinct flowers.

AI & Synbio Company Creation

Synbio-focused large language models offer exciting possibilities for new company and product building on top of Foundry-scale platforms.

Brian Brazeau Moderates Biomanufacturing Panel

Ferment Partner Brian sits down with leaders in biomanufacturing infrastructure development to discuss the fermentation capacity gap.

Ferment featured in Forbes

Ferment partners Jason Kakoyiannis, Brian Brazeau, and Jess Leber sit down with John Cumbers to discuss company-building on top of the world’s leading synbio platforms.

Arcaea Showcased on the Today Show

Storytelling is a must-have capability in consumer biotech where cutting-edge technology has to relate to everyday consumers. Watch Arcaea's Jasmina Aganovic on the Today Show!

Ferment on 'Leaders on a Mission'

Listen to Ferment Managing Partner, Jason Kakoyiannis, sit down with Simon Leich on the 'Leaders on a Mission Podcast' to discuss  bringing new technologies to change-resistant industries.

TechBio in Industrial Biotechnology

TechBio approaches that combine bespoke wet lab systems with ML have the potential to solve the ‘molecule selection’ gap in industrial biotech, and can overhaul the physical goods economy.

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