Arcaea Launches its First Consumer Brand in Fragrances

Arcaea launches Future Society, its first consumer brand with a series of fragrances derived from extinct flowers.

This week, Arcaea, a Ferment affiliated company bringing expressive biology to the cosmetics and personal care space, launched its first consumer brand, Future Society. Future Society is launching six new fragrance products inspired and derived from extinct flowers and plants. These products will be available via Future Society’s webpage, as well as launching in retail across the USA exclusively with  Nordstrom.

We are thrilled to see Arcaea achieving this major milestone, and believe these products show the transformative role biotechnology will play in the beauty industry. In the words of Jasmina Aganovic, CEO of Arcaea and Future Society, “Fragrance has always been rooted in powerful storytelling and sensory experiences. We are excited to show how biology can create new stories and product experiences.” This is a consumer experience that couldn’t exist, but for biotechnology. Three of the world’s most accomplished perfumers – Daniela Andrier and Olivia Jan of Givaudan and Jérome Epinette of Robertet – were brought into the project and used their creative intuition in conjunction with the genomic information that Arcaea provided to create a wearable, perfumistic rendition of what these extinct plants smelled like. This collaboration between cutting edge synthetic biology and world class creative intuition excites us so much.

This is Arcaea’s second product launch in less than two years since its founding in 2021, and the company is leveraging multiple tools from the synthetic biology tool-kit. Its first product, ScentARC, used high-throughput screening and machine learning to design a natural deodorant that shifts our microbiome's natural odor production. This second product, Future Society fragrances, recreates fragrances encoded in the genomes of extinct and endangered flowers and plants. 

We’re excited to support Arcaea and see how they will continue to creatively leverage the palette of biology in the personal care industry.

For the full press release from the team at Arcaea: Arcaea Launches Future Society, A First of Its Kind Fragrance Brand Made from Extinct Flowers

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