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John Cumbers of Forbes & SynbioBeta sits down with Ferment's partners to discuss synbio 'app' company-building

Ferment founder and Managing Partner sat down with Forbes contributor and SynbioBeta founder John Cumbers to discuss Ferment’s unique brand of company-building and highlight companies like Ayana Bio, Allonnia, and BiomEdit.

Through the origin stories and rapid progress of companies like Ayana, Allonina, and BiomEdit, the feature highlights the common patterns built into each Ferment new venture:

  • End-Market Oriented: Our companies are experts not only in how to leverage biotech, but even more so in the application science and product development processes needed in their industry. We work with EIRs & operator teams composed of food scientists, polymer chemists, animal health clinicians, personal care product developers, & more.
  • Product-Focused: Our companies focus not on building out biotech platforms, but on leveraging the world’s best existing biotech platforms to rapidly bring new products – whether that be food ingredients, nutrition bioactives, or waste remediation solutions – to market in record time and costs.
  • Platform-Native: Our companies leverage world-class biotech platforms like @Ginkgo's to move quickly and tap into the most cutting-edge synbio tooling. This ‘division of labor by comparative advantage’ allows our companies to build unique expertise in their application science, while still taking advantage of cutting-edge biotechnology.

Read the full feature, "The IOS Of Synthetic Biology Is Here. And Thanks To This Incubator, The Apps Are Rolling In.", here for an in-depth look at the unique pillars of Ferment’s company-creation approach, and thanks to John Cumbers and Peter Bickerton for the feature.

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