Ferment on 'Leaders on a Mission'

Ferment founder Jason Kakoyiannis discusses his journey into synbio company-building

Host Simon Leich leads a discussion with Ferment Managing Partner Jason Kakoyiannis about the maturing field of synthetic biology, company-building, and bringing new technologies to old industries. Tune in to learn more about . . .

Three Big Ideas on the Pod:
  • For different physical goods industries, synthetic biology offers unique, targeted value props. These can range from supply-chain resilience, to creation of new differentiated products, to greater sustainability, to straight-up cost-cutting for drop-in replacement products.
  • Due to the economies of scale provided by bio-platforms and Foundries, industrial biotech company-building looks different today than 20 years ago. This opens up opportunities for new types of founders & teams, new ways of building organizations,  and new approaches to product development.
  • The best synthetic biology product companies will offer a portfolio of solutions to satisfy their customers, rather than offering just one or two point-solution products.
Topic by Timestamp:
  • (0:00-0:09): Jason’s path into synbio via art & design, corporate law,  fragrance & flavor, and finally as an early leader building out the Ginkgo commercial team
  • (0:09-0:17): Communicating effectively to non-biologists from the consumer products space about the promise of synthetic biology
  • (0:18-0:22): The range of value props synthetic biology offers companies across industries, from sustainability to new product development
  • (0:22-0:27): The birth of Ferment as a venture studio, and the ‘lightning strikes’ moment of company-creation 
  • (0:27-0:34): Ferment’s thesis, company-building process, and how we work with our entrepreneurs-in-residence
  • (0:37-0:45): Ferment’s first six companies, and where Ferment might go next
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