How to Engage.

Company creation takes great partners. We want to hear from you.

Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIRs)

Talented founders can plug into our process, resources, and ecosystem to co-create a company that leverages the power of Foundry platforms. We’ve developed playbooks to ideate new companies, a stage gate process for getting them funded, and SOPs for operating a fast scaling business on a Foundry platform.

Corporate Strategics

Corporate Strategics want to ignite disruption via new ventures. Ferment has a successful history of co-building and partnering with corporate strategics, as they seek to diversify and achieve exposure.


Investors are seeking exposure to the compounding growth curve in synthetic biology “applications”. We partner with investors as our companies grow and scale for initial and follow-on capital needs.

Incredible capabilities are now available to anyone who wants to build with biology.

If you would like to engage with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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We have the capacity to create everything we need to flourish – from food to medicine to new materials. As we adapt biology with compassion and care, the future is waiting to be written.

Let’s grow a new world together.

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